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Pocket Pack SIL return

Now, in the "mini" version of the rollers, the SIL Pocket Pack has a more practical and easy-to-handle packaging for retailers as well as consumers looking for a product for small electrical renovations.

SIL Pocket Pack has come to make it easier to handle and stack SIL products on the shelves. When receiving the product, check that the safety seal has not been tampered with.

Enjoy this novelty that SIL has created to move your world!

Here's how simple it is:


SIL Pocket Pack will be produced in all colors and nominal sections from 1,5mm² to 10mm² in the 10, 15 and 25 meter lengths and it also gives you the possibility of several types of stacking and presentation at the POS.

So you can either present them only with the top box open, which facilitates your stock of products in the gondola itself, as well as having two boxes open, one over the other, increasing the exposure of the POS materials and adding larger value to your store. Expose the various nominal colors and sections available for Pocket Pack SIL!

Montagem 2 Pocket

The maximum weight supported on the bottom carton stacking is 230kg or the equivalent of 3 to 4 carton displays, varying according to the nominal section and footage of the products.

The produced colors of SIL Solid Wire 750V and FlexSil Cable 750V are:


Tabela Técnica


The SIL Parallel Flexible Cable 300V is available in the following colors:


Tabela Técnica


Watch the demo movie:


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