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Social responsability

Social Reponsability return

SIL considers it not enough to just produce high quality goods and services. It is also necessary to seek social well being by way of the concern for adding value to mankind, education, environment, and culture. These elements are decisive success factors for any company.


CACCC - CASA NINHO - Centro de Apoio à Criança Carente com Câncer

The company also sponsors the "Casa Ninho", where they serve mothers, children, and teenagers from zero to eighteen years old, from São Paulo and other states for as long as they may need in their medical and hospital assistance. SIL contributes for supplying the following:

• housing
• daily meals
• balanced diets
• basic health care items
• transportation
• prosthetic devices

casa ninho

AACC - "Associação de Apoio à Criança com Câncer" (Children's Cancer Support Association)

SIL sponsors AACC in their Company Solidarity Program. The entity serves children and teenagers from zero to twenty years old, both genders, each one is provided the following assistance items for as long as is necessary:

• housing
• feeding and basic food staples
• clothing
• medication
• transportation and transportation allowances
• prosthetic devices
• educational support and school supplies


Casas André Luiz

In our training courses, SIL requests the participants to contribute voluntarily with a kilo of non-perishable food. The donations are given to "Casas André Luiz", an entity which provides free services to intellectually handicapped individuals, all levels of deficiencies, with or without related physical handicaps.