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Technology return

SIL has a Product and Quality Engineering Department staffed with updated professionals, who keep abreast of new national and international trends. This team plans and provides solutions to meet company needs, constantly seeking to enhance results and manufacturing processes.

The raw materials used in our products are purchased from specialized suppliers and the copper transformation process is performed with the highest degree of purity and the insulation compounds are specific for each product, making it possible for SIL to produce quality wires and cables used in electrical hookups with voltages up to 1 kV (low voltage), as well as welding cables and cables for audio and video signal transmission. Thereby, the company is capable of meeting the project needs of residential, industrial, condos, and others.


There are several steps following the transformation of copper and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) until the product is available to the consumer. The copper is purchase as 8mm gauge, it undergoes the drawing process (reducing the gauge by stretching), it is simultaneously heat treated to guarantee the conductivity, flexibility, and stretching properties.

All insulated products are submitted to continual high-voltage trials (5,000 to 17,500 V), for the purpose of assuring insulation without any flaws, whether invisible or visible to the naked eye.

After all the quality control tests have been performed on the productive steps, then the SIL products are ready for use and are worry-free and completely safe.


SIL deploys the Total Quality system as an absolute priority, seeking excellence throughout all aspects, production, and customer & supplier relations.

This vision has awarded the ISO 9001 certification to the company - Quality Management System Standard. The company has standardized its processes in compliance with the ABNT standards in order to assure quality control and the products are mandatorily certified and labeled with the Inmetro Compliance Brand Certificate "Inmetro" (National Industrial Quality and Standardization and Metrology Institute) for wires and cables.

SIL understands that quality in their products directly impacts the quality of life of their employees and for this reason, the company invests in training, recycling, and enhancement of the employee staff.