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Tradeshows and events

Tradeshows and Events return

The SIL brand has been present periodically at the main tradeshows and events related to electrical wires and cables on the national level. Thereby, the company keeps up-to-date in state-of-the-technology, strengthening the brand name and customer and supplier relationships.

Feicon 2023

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Feicon 2022

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Feicon 2019

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Feicon 2018

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Feicon 2017

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Feicon 2016

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Feicon 2015

feicon2015m5 feicon2015m2 Feicon2015m3 feicon2015m4

Feicon 2014

Feicon 2014 m1 Feicon 2014 m2 Feicon 2014 m3 Feicon 2014 m4

Feicon 2013

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Feicon 2012

04_mini1 04_mini2 04_mini3 04_mini4


Feicon 2011

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Feicon 2010

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Feicon 2009

07_mini1 07_mini2 07_mini3 07_mini4


Feicon 2008

08_mini1 08_mini2 08_mini3 08_mini4


Feicon NE 2014

Feicon 2014 NE m1 Feicon 2014 NE m2 Feicon 2014 NE m3 Feicon NE 2014 g4

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Feicon NE 2013

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Ecomac Bahia 2017

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Ecomac Bahia 2016

economac1_thumb  Economac2_thumb Economac3_thumb Economac4_thumb

Ecomac Bahia 2015

fotom1  fotom2 fotom3 fotom4

Ecomac Bahia 2014

Ecomac BA 2014 m1  Ecomac BA 2014 m2 Ecomac BA 2014 m3 Ecomac BA 2014 m4

Ecomac Bahia 2013

Ecomac_2013_m1  Ecomac_2013_m2 Ecomac_2013_m3 Ecomac_2013_m4


Ecomac Bahia 2012

ecomac2012 01p  ecomac2012 02p ecomac2012 03p ecomac2012 04p


Ecomac Bahia 2011

01 mini1 01 mini2 01 mini3 01 mini4


Ecomac Bahia 2010

02 mini1 02 mini2 02 mini3 02 mini4


Ecomac Bahia 2009

03_mini1 03_mini2 03_mini3 03_mini4


ENIE 2010

09_mini1 09_mini2 09_mini3 09_mini4

   Last years

ENIE 2008

10_mini1 10_mini2 10_mini3 10_mini4


Construir Rio 2007

11_mini1 11_mini2 11_mini311_mini4