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Soccer Club Sponsorship

Soccer Club Sponsorship return


This has been a great step forward in the history of SIL. Sponsorship marketing is our new strategy, as some new initiatives have been adopted in the company related to sports; especially our sponsoring soccer club uniforms with our brand stamped on national and international soccer clubs.

The strategy increases the brand visibility and awareness to the public, whether the sponsorships are long-term, for example: the "Bragantino" team, during the São Paulo Championship, and "Grêmio Prudente", in the "Brasilieirão" championship both in 2010.

One of the specific time-based initiatives was our sponsorship for the "Santos Futebol Clube" and A. A. Flamengo, the Flamengo of Guarulhos, besides punctual actions in the "Copa Libertadores da América", on the Racing jersey, in Montevideo/Uruguay, and the "São Paulo Futebol Clube".

See some of our stamped jerseys with the SIL brand name.